Our purpose

Northland Inc Ltd is the Northland region’s economic development agency, a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) of the Northland Regional Council and a limited liability company. Formalised in July 2012 Northland Inc has brought back together Destination Northland, the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) and Enterprise Northland Trust, the regional Economic Development Agency (EDA).

Northland Inc Ltd is funded by an operational contribution from the Northland Regional Council (NRC) and is project funded through other public and private agencies, with central government being the next largest contributor. The organisation has a governance board of four professional directors each appointed for a two year term by the NRC and operational activity is led by a Chief Executive Officer. To learn more, meet Our people.  

What is the vision for Northland’s future? 

  • A region with vibrant rural and urban communities that is widely recognised as a desirable place to do business, invest, live, play, study, visit, work….
  • A harmonious social and natural environment that is based on sustainable development and diversity, recognising the contribution of Maori as tangata whenua.
  • An enhanced quality of life for residents equal to or if not better than any other New Zealand region.

What is Northland’s aspirational regional economic development goal?

 “Over the next 10 years, grow our economy by 40%.”

What does this then mean?

  • An above normal New Zealand rate of growth.
  • An extra $2 Billion on our present GDP.
  • We have to increase our direct workforce by 10,000 jobs in 10 years but as a result this leverages a further 15,000 people into employment.
  • Developing on average 20 new jobs per week over the next 10 years.
  • The increased work force will be a mix of higher paid, adding value roles and lower paid, service sector jobs.

What is the Northland Inc approach?

Northland Inc’s economic development focus is to be on: enabling existing business to become more resilient; enabling small to medium enterprises to build capacity; and working in partnership with business cluster/sector groups to undertake projects beyond that of individual business capability.

Northland Inc as an organisation does not create jobs - it is there however to help build the conditions for business and other community organisations to thrive and grow so that they may then create the sustainable jobs. 

Northland Inc’s role is one of facilitation and supportive leadership: 

  • Facilitating collaboration with synergetic and complementary companies and development organisations.
  • Encouraging and assisting cluster groups.
  • Ensuring there is a common purpose within sector groups.  
  • Accessing funding for projects and preparing investment propositions.
  • Signposting business to other entities (regionally and nationally) that provide other and or complementary economic development advancing products and services.
  • Acting as the Government interface on regional economic development matters.
  • Facilitating capability, education and trade training opportunities.
  • Acting and being respected as a confident repository of business focussed information.
  • Ensuring that success stories are openly celebrated.
  • Project management as requested by our parent the Northland Regional Council.

What is the Northland Inc delivery mechanism?

  • Sector development with the focus on growth in sector performance and profitability thus increasing GDP and employment.
  • Enterprise support with the aim of increasing the capability and resilience of local business and assisting innovation at a business level.
  • Investment analysis and organisational support that assists the other two components - providing a resource for the development and assessment of applications to the Northland Regional Council’s Growth & Investment Fund and other project funding applications and communicating effectively the regional development messages.

How do I learn more about Northland Inc and how they can assist?

This portal websites destiny is but to grow - so don’t be a stranger and revisit when next you have the opportunity.

There will be comprehensive information posted and updated on how to start a business, grow a business, export your business through to how to fund your business … We will feature Northland’s key sectors destined to increase (y)our economy and jobs, talk about advancements made by existing partnerships and those we need to build, and tell you stuff about (y)our place that you may not already know … We will seek to keep you posted on the latest regional business news, connect you up with other like-minded business practitioners and together celebrate (y)our successes ….   

In the meantime go to Our people to make contact with those of our  team that are in a position to assist  – immediately below each team members name you will find the area of Northland Inc activity that their respective day-to-day focus is on.