Northland Intersectoral Forum (NIF)

The Northland Intersectoral Forum is comprised of local and central government agencies working in a collaborative way to make a positive difference on the wellbeing of Northlanders.

Who are the member agencies?

What are NIF’s terms of reference?

NIF’s mission is working together for the wellbeing of Northlanders.

NIF’s purpose is to:

  • Build relationships, and share strategic information;
  • Plan and make decisions on what to work on together and how; and
  • Identify areas for collective action that individual members commit funding, time, people and other resources to.

NIF's values are:

  • Put Northlanders first: “We start from an interest in meeting the aspirations and needs of Northlanders, acknowledging and celebrating the diverse cultures, lifestyles and experiences these will reflect.”
  • Honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi: “We want to work in partnership with the Iwi of Northland.”
  • Use all opportunities to advocate for Northland: “We will counter bad press and perceptions of Northland to lift aspirations and raise expectations for the future.”
  • Challenge ourselves to do things better and differently: “We will step outside our core business to lead and demonstrate that collective purpose provides greater levels of success.”
  • Focus on results that make a difference: “We focus on doing things that will make a positive difference for Northland and Northlanders – now and for the future.”
  • Work together with honesty, respect, transparency and fairness: “We are a team.  We cooperate, collaborate, and communicate honestly, respectfully, openly and fairly, building enduring relationships with each other and other partners.”
  • Be at our tenacious and resilient best: “We set ourselves the highest expectations – of achievement and behaviour – and we are prepared to be tenacious in our pursuit of outcomes for Northland and be resilient in the face of a changing world.”
  • “Hold ourselves collectively responsible for achieving positive outcomes, while staying individually accountable for the contributions we make to these outcomes.”

What has been done to date?

Both individually and collectively, NIF has been determined to deliver accessible, coordinated and cost-effective services to the people of Northland. These activities are detailed in their achievement reports, that can be accessed at

To learn more about NIF and its activities contact:

NIF Coordinator - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)