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Northland Regional Business Partnership

There are fourteen regional business partnerships around the country, ready and waiting as the first point of contact to help businesses in their respective regions grow and innovate with expert advice and access to funding. The scheme is a result of a joint initiative to provide support to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and is funded by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment I Science + Innovation (MSI).

Northland Inc and the Northland Chamber of Commerce have come together to form the Northland (regional partnership) Northland Regional Business Partnership. 

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Through Innovation + R&D

Research and development (R&D) is a key driver of innovation, business success and economic growth.

Good ideas can lead to new products and services, smarter ways of doing things and a point of difference that sets your business apart and on the path to adding value.

Innovation is discovering new knowledge and then using it to create new and improved products, processes and services that your (potential) customers want.

R&D is an essential part of the innovation process. Research tends to result in something completely new, while development usually involves improvement or modification. The words ‘research and development’ are therefore generally used together because research needs development to create something the market wants.

Much of the New Zealand government’s help for funding business R&D projects comes from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment I Science + Innovation (MSI). More than $80 million is available for New Zealand businesses to discover and develop new technologies and build people’s skills and knowledge to carry out leading-edge R&D.

MSI and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise set up a nationwide Regional Business Partner network to help businesses access information, funding, training and development services. 

Northland Inc is the Northland Regional Business Partner.

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