As the Regional Tourism Organisation

Our Role

As the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) it’s Northland Inc’s job to promote Northland as a ‘must see’ visitor destination, in partnership with the region’s tourism industry, national forums and local government.

Our primary role is one of facilitator and planner, rather than as a funder and operator. Our marketing role is strategic and generic rather than product specific, achieving outcomes for the benefit and promotion of the Northland destination and brand.

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Region’s official visitor website

Northland Inc’s role as the RTO is to maintain and enhance the profile of Northland in the online mediums by way of our regional website and through our complementing social media marketing platforms.

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Northland Visitor Guide

A key marketing tool for Northland - our number one response document to enquiries about the region. It is the only official visitor guide to focus exclusively on Northland tourism products and services; positive, accurate promotion of Northland by Northlanders.

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Northland has a number of unique selling points - travelling the Twin Coast Discovery Touring Route and experiencing authentic Maori culture; seeing giant Kauri trees; visiting both expansive coastlines; and having a 'real' New Zealand experience.

Learn how do we get our message across to the travel trade in our target markets of Australia, UK, Europe and North America.

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Conference and Incentives

Growth in the conference market has had a very positive impact on reducing seasonality in the Northland region despite its entry into active conference marketing being relatively recent. 

The region is now positioned as a highly desirable conference destination for those who have tired of the now all-familiar, larger and somewhat sterile city centres and hosting venues. The region’s relatively mild climate and subtropical theme is a major motivator, as is its highly desirable niche destinations for corporate retreats, and region-wide resort-style and smaller customer-focussed conferencing options.

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Media professionals come to the attention of Northland Inc either by way of Tourism New Zealand’s international media programme or they may approach us (as the Regional Tourism Organisation) directly. We also actively pitch story ideas and key events to New Zealand media.

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Everything we do, both domestically and internationally in our marketing campaigns tells our story - Northland First Region of New Zealand.

Northland is the first region of New Zealand. In 1840, we were the first to create a historic partnership between our two peoples, Maori and Pakeha. Today, the people of Northland wear their culture with pride and the region's natural beauty, strong traditions and history merge to form a rich and exciting environment.

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Regional brand & image library

Every thing, every one, every place has a brand. You've got a brand - it's your reputation. And reputations can be good, bad and everything in between.

Northland has a reputation. When people outside of Northland think about Northland, they think about it being sunny and warm, they think of beaches and holidays - which is really great, however, these are only some of the reasons we choose to live here. But as Northlanders, we know there is so much more to our region and we think it is worth pulling together all the good stuff from our past and present, plus all the stuff that is possible for Northland (although we may not quite be there yet) and capture it in a brand.

That way, when you and I talk about Northland anywhere in the world we're all telling the same story. The true Northland will get a fair showing and the aspirations become the reality. We need to lift mighty Northland back up to where it belongs.

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